Plitvice Lakes National park ,Croatia

This ridge is characterised by three peaks: Oštri Medveđak (889 m), Tupi Medveđak (868 m) and Turčić (801 m), with old beech forests that had been left to natural development. This interesting phenomenon links all three Medveđak peaks. This area is exceptionally rich in biodiversity, teeming with species that thrive in the natural conditions, which is also true for the rare or endangered species.

This area is a perfect habitat for large predators: wolf (Canis lupus L.), lynx (Lynx lynx L.), and brown bear (Ursus arctos L.) Indeed, this massif is called after the bear (Croatian: medvjed, i.e. Medveđak). Those who venture here will be delighted to hear sounds of wild animals and enjoy the blossom colours in the flowering seasons.

Instructive boards are set up alongside the trail, providing various interesting facts about forest ecological systems. The complete experience of the National Park definitely includes insight into its eco-systems that cover over three-quarters of its surface area.







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