Mt Assiniboine Area Hike

Although Mt. Assiniboine, sometimes called the Matterhorn of North America, is the sixth highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies, it’s not the only reason to visit Mt. Assiniboine Provincial Park. Gorgeous high alpine lakes, about a dozen mountain peaks and wildflower filled meadows lure hikers from around the world. Don’t expect solitude. People access the park on foot, via horses and many helicopter in at least one way, especially hikers planning to do day hikes out of Assiniboine Lodge. As a backpacker you could choose to fly in one way and hike out.

The floods last year changed the approach so check the parks website before planning your trip to see if you can access the area via Citadel Pass and Wonder Pass. Otherwise you must hike in via the Mt. Shark trailhead. It’s a solid eight to ten hour hike to reach Lake Magog and the Assiniboine Lodge area. There are camping options along the way – and backcountry permits are required.

Assiniboine Lodge provides an excellent summary of all the route options. Once up there side trip possibilities are plentiful. Hike to Nub Peak or the Nublet – a bump on the ridge. Visit Cerulean and Sunburst Lakes. Don’t miss Wonder Pass. Whatever you do, ensure that you have allowed enough time to do some of the side trips in this magnificent area.




Vern Dewit



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