Ratanakiri, Cambodia

Ratanakiri is filled with trekking options and stunning views

Getting to Ratanakiri, the northeastern-most province in Cambodia, is quite a journey. Allow 10 to 12 hours by bus (a little less if you get a cab) to get from Phnom Penh to Banlung, the main town in Ratanakiri. A long trip indeed, but definitely worth it. Trekking in Ratanakiri is outstanding, and there are many different options. Here are our suggestions:

Don’t miss Yak Lom Lake. This 49-meter deep crater lake is the perfect spot to chill out and get a fresh evening swim after a long hiking day. Stay there until sunset–you’ll get some stunning views when the sun goes down over the lake.

Visit Kachon Cemetery, located close to the Lao village. There, you’ll run into dozens of wooden statues representing the deceased person buried below them. A unique experience.

Many of the most beautiful waterfalls in Cambodia can be found in the Ratanakiri province. Among others, check out Katien waterfall and the seven steps waterfall.

If you have the budget for it, go Gibbons spotting. This recently created activity allows you to see the northern yellow-cheeked gibbons, a rare and endangered species of ape.

Watch locals mining gems. In order to find precious stones, locals get 10 to 15 meters deep into the ground, which is very impressive to watch. In some areas, you’ll also get to see locals gold hunting in the river.







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