Simen Mountains , Ethiopia

The Simien Mountains are a range of rugged escarpments and plateaus in northwestern Ethiopia. Simien Mountains National Park, where all the trekking happens, is a thin sliver of protected land wedged between a well-trafficked dirt road and a long stretch of multi-thousand-foot cliffs. Despite its slender dimensions, the park is home to three of Ethiopia’s endemic large mammal species, the Gelada monkey, Walia ibex, and Ethiopian wolf. Elevations within the park range from 6,500 to 14,700 ft (2,000 to 4,500 m) despite there being no prominent peaks in the area; even Ras Deshen, Ethiopia’s highest point, looks like just another bump on a bumpy landscape! But that landscape is beautiful—if you have the chance to go hiking in the Simiens, do so.







Looking Down 2km from Imet Gogo (3926m)
Looking Down 2km from Imet Gogo (3926m)

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